The world has gone digital!  We want to do everything from the comfort of our computers,
but expect personalized service.  Well,
Laura's Vacation Rentals offers just that!  So,
next time you want to rent a condo or house for a weekend, week, month or more on the
Gulf Coast and want flexible check-in/check-out dates and personal service, let
Vacation Rentals
find you the perfect dream vacation!  We will work with you to help
maximize the fun and reduce the stress of planning your vacation!  You will receive advice
from locals on restaurants, activities and places to go free of charge.  We offer a concierge
service where, for a small fee, your groceries are bought for you, based on your list and
ready when you walk in!   As a renter, you will receive periodic updates on property specials,
and new property listings.  Once you are a customer, you will become a customer for life!
Do you own vacation property on the Gulf Coast and would like to rent it (all or part of the
time in order to cover rising expenses), but do not have time to worry about the hassles?  
Are you currently renting your vacation property and tired of paying high commissions?  
Whether it is a vacation condo or house, whether you want to rent your property year round
or just the winter months, let us manage your property to maximize your rental earnings!
Less costly
Maximize your
Hassle free
We work with the property owners to fully understand their needs.  We offer a less
costly, more personalized alternative to the current corporate vacation rental companies!  
We connect the property owner with the vacation renter, and handle all of the hassles!!
We take pictures of the property and advertise on many of the vacation property websites.
Each property is given equal exposure whether you rent it for only the winter or year
round!  We can also assist owners in finding low cost maintenance, as well as specials on
furniture and decorations.  Let us help reduce your costs and make owning a vacation
property a more enjoyable and profitable experience!  
Laura's Vacation Rentals